Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas

Product Description

Kaveri’s search for her One True Love.

Kaveri, decides to lose her virginity on her 30th birthday. But after a spate of bad dates, she goes to Goa on work and meets Arjun. She instantly falls in love, only to be told he is married. They start a whirlwind romance that leaves her heartbroken. With a best friend on her side who is promiscuous and supportive, Kaveri enters a reality show, takes on a house guest and finally finds herself through many sex-capades. She realises that virginity has nothing to do with love. And love has nothing to do with lust. The ultimate coming of age story for any modern Indian woman.

Author: Madhuri Banerjee
Language: English
Length: 244 pages
Publisher: Penguin Global


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