Communication & conversation are 2 diff aspects of a relationship. With one u tell each other mundane stuff. With the other u share ur life.

Making someone believe in themself is the greatest gift you can give them.

The world is not obligated to care. Doesn’t mean u don’t continue working and doing your duty towards the Universe.

We naturally move towards things that lie in our subconscious. If we dream abt success, it will eventually happen.

If men weren’t known by their profession & women by the roles they play in society, there wd be far more acceptance of ppl.

Don’t hold it against someone if they hv a diff point of view. Opinions can change. Love should not.

A relationship begins when someone asks u a question no one else ever has. And u

Love means trusting someone to want to come back to you. #love

Don’t copy someone else to succeed. They’ll do it before you anyway. Be yourself and Don’t compare urself with anyone. Your energies are yours alone & the success or peace u can get from it, no one else can have or determine.

You can’t be someone’s anchor when all they want is to be adrift. #relationships

Most couples talk without saying anything from the heart. Years go by in chatter till they realise their partner doesn’t know them at all.

Revenge can be sweet but it will drain the life out of not just the other person, but you

Everyone’s life or body will look better to u than your own. Always know that you’re perfect where u are & u can improve if u try!

Don’t just be the exception. Be exceptional !

We limit ourselves when we get comfortable. Not knowing that success lies only when we believe there’s no comfort.

Everyone has something to say. No one has time to listen. If we switch it around, we would all get some perspective.

A heartbreak is not the end of the world even if it feels like it. Believe in yourself more than u believe in anything in the world!

Being part of a community is such a strong part of our identity. Inclusion or alienation comes when u place it higher than your beliefs.

Be happy with who you are, where you are and what you’ve got. Everything else will fall

When you know you will have to give everything up one day, there will be no insecurity today. #truth

Don’t just have dreams. Have goals. Make it happen instead of wondering when they

Make people important parts of ur life & give a part of urself. Don’t make them everything in ur life & lose yourself.

Don’t take so much space in a relationship that you can’t find your way back.

If you fell in love knowing all the flaws,don’t fall out of love bcos u can’t accept them anymore. Work at it. #Relationships

Loneliness makes ppl do crazy things. And probably say words they’ll regret later.

Take space when you know you will say things that will hurt the other person. Don’t take space after you’ve said them. #Relationships

While you’re out chasing your dreams don’t forget the people who helped you see it in the first place.

Maybe we need to understand how lonely we really are to appreciate the people who walk into our lives.

Relationships that hurt don’t need to be saved.

No matter how hard you want to hold onto a person, sometimes destiny has other plans.

Homes are something that lie in our heart and not just walls that protect. They become spaces where we belong. With people who we love.

Nostalgia pulls you back into relationships more than passion does. #truth

No one shd be allowed to take you for granted. You need to be as important to someone as they are to u.

You never fall out of love. Your expectations increase and you just naturally fall out of the relationship.

The biggest reason for breaking up is a feeling of being taken for granted. #Relationships

Everything you’re doing is just a part of what you can do. You are capable of so much more.

U don’t always need to react to ur feelings but u do need to acknowledge them. Only then you’ll figure out what ur heart wants.

If you love someone you wd be stupid to set them free. You wd hold on tighter till they feel your apology.

Love is an inconvenient, messy, tiring exhausting and delicious emotion If you can’t accept it, you’re not ready for it!

When you feel you’re trying too much for something to happen, let it be. Let the Universe do it’s job. Just be happy with whatever the reply

The best thing you can do to save your relationship is apologise and prove it in your actions. #relationships

The person who brings a smile to ur face when u meet then & sadness in ur heart when u leave them is the one ur in love with. #relationships

Memory makes you question your judgement. Reality makes you regret your actions. Only the Truth helps u find peace.

Silence gives u the answers ur seeking. But it doesn’t help relieve the angst of someone

We don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we’ve achieved. We are remarkable in our own way and shd be proud of it!

Till you’re not comfortable with the space u are in, your mind always craves for what’s left behind. Accept & love who you are & where u are

Investment into relationships means an expectation of returns. Enjoy the friendship bcos u are happy, not bcos it’ll pay off some day.

People in love don’t need too many things in common. They find happiness in doing things for each other. #relationships

There’s a blessing in disguise in everything that happens. It’s called the positivity in you that knows there’s hope yet!

Put your foot down with values and be flexible about opinions.

Be mindful of ur manners. Small courtesies show the kind of person you are. And everyone notices a kind person.

There is no #relationship that has not been taken for granted at some point. The good ones rectify it immediately. The bad ones let it slip.

Everyone’s definition of #love is different. Either u understand it or u accept it. But u can’t keep hoping it’ll change to how u define it.

Sacrifice is seen as love nowadays. How much someone does for u. #Relationships

Life is all abt the search:20s Finding urself 30s finding love 40s A purpose 50s Peace 60s ur glasses 70s A reason 80s Friends & 90s ur mind

When ur child fails at something, don’t say its ok not to do it. Let them try again. Confidence comes from attempting actions not leaving it

Instead of going with the flow, think of why u need to do so. Stand up for what u believe is right even if u stand alone!

You are only restricted by the walls you build for yourself. If u believe u can break them,

We become that which we constantly suggest to ourselves. We attract the energies we think. Life then becomes adjectives that we choose.

The most powerful gift is not the ability to think through things. Its the ability to stop thinking and let energy flow thru u

In between breaths moments of clarity occur. In between conversations moments of realisation happen. A pause is always significant.

We pay taxes. We follow rules. Yet we hv no infrastructure to make our lives better -water,roads,electricity,safety. Zero quality life #RTI

Believing that the world is going to change isn’t good enough. You need to start the change to actually see it.

A soul mate is one who can pour u a drink knowing exactly why, without u telling them how much u need one. #relationships

The 4 pillars of a great #relationship when we’re young -Love, Trust, Friendship,Sex. When we’re older – Compassion, Laughter, Concern, Love

There’s always a crazy person in a relationship. Most of the times we just think it’s the other person!

When u realise u hv everything u need to be happy, u won’t crib about all the things u don’t have for success. #Believeinyourself

Sometimes our darkest fears & deepest insecurities keep us from a happy relationship. Hold on to the #love & let everything else disappear.

When we know what to expect from ppl, we’re bored. When we don’t, we’re frustrated. When we want to know, we suggest. Just be appreciative.

Loneliness stems from un acceptance from ppl. Ironically it also stems from being surrounded by ppl who u can’t connect with at all.

Most of the time our frustration comes from things we can’t control. Acceptance of situations & people can ease out the anger.

Everything can be bought nowadays. We can’t compare ourselves to what we don’t have. Understand what’s important to u & u’ll be rich always.

If u understand ur partner’s need for space, encourage their ambitions & protect their values, you’ll hv a good #relationship

No 2 ppl can be on the same path forever. U must determine ur own journey. Ur destiny is what u choose not who u r with.

There is no perfect time. No perfect relationship. No perfect career. It’s our attitude to what exists & dedication to the now

The frustration of putting up pretenses with people is far greater than speaking the truth & facing the consequences. #beyourself

Either u choose a goal & find ur path or you go on several paths to figure out ur goal. But never lose sight of who you are.

There is no perfect love. Only perfect moments. A joke u share, a song u dance to, a crisis u overcame. Memories make relationships.

Your happiness quotient must be evaluated every few years. If you’re doing the same thing in the same place then ur not evolving in life.

People are quick to judge & happy to label u. Make an impression that lasts forever. Not one u need to rectify every day.

True talent comes from years of hard work, infinite patience, motivation to succeed and a desire to be different. #Success then is a breeze!

Being able to identify or relate to someone starts a relationship. Find an opposing view n start a dialogue. See life differently.

We want permanence in a relationship but passion, stability but excitement, attention but space. Love leaves logic behind.

Our needs will always be basic – food, clothing, work, happiness. Our wants change according to the society we live in. #truth

The quality of life can’t be determined by where you are but by the people you’re with. Great friendships r better than great roads!

We meet people. We chance upon friendships. We choose relationships. We commit to marriage. #life

Not all paths shd lead to happiness. Some shd lead to mental stimulation. Others to spiritual growth & some to materialistic achievement.

Be with the person who has the least drama and the most passion for you. Everything else in the relationship will fall into place! #love

If you keep absorbing someone’s responsibility, they’ll never step up & accept it for themselves. Stop making excuses. Stand up for yourself

If u can’t give time, appreciation, n support, then money takes its place. And if that’s not there as well, there is contention. #Marriages

You know you’ve found the perfect one, when you think they’re the only one in your life for you. #relationships

If you’re too lazy to work hard, don’t crib that u don’t have success. Dedication and patience get u to ur goal.

Rejection isn’t failure. It’s simply closure for now. And a challenge to do better next time. #life

Letting go & moving on can’t happen if u blame urself. Release urself from the guilt. U did ur best. U deserve better. #relationships

There aren’t enough hours in a day to be both sociable and sensational at your job. Focus gives success! #work

You are an average of the 5 ppl u hang out with. Let correct ppl influence ur thoughts and uplift ur world! #life

Don’t let rejections, flops & disappointments rule ur life or ruin ur day. Ur loved, respected,admired. Be content in this moment.

Don’t follow a trend, follow your heart. Even if you stand apart, you’ll always stand tall.