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  1. Tell us about your book?- My Clingy Girlfriend is a hilarious story of funny incidents which happen in the life of a young Bengali boy called Obrokranti and his extremely possessive and dominating girlfriend Radha. The book is through the eyes of a man who’s desperately caught between a dilemma of constantly placating his girlfriend and managing his job with idiot bosses.

  1. What made you write on such a topic? I have seen many men friends and my Bengali cousins being in relationships where their girlfriends are very clingy and demanding. And honestly even I have been clingy at times J. As an author, blogger, columnist and a commentator I tend to observe people, situations and circumstances which are interesting. I thought there was an extremely funny whacked out story of a middle class Bengali boy who has come from Kolkata to Mumbai and is struggling with women empowerment and managing a third rate job. So I wrote it in 25 days flat. It was a riot of a ride and I thoroughly enjoyed myself while writing this book. The events just flowed easily. I even went on a boys’ night out with boys!! Because I was in such a BOY mood those days. Lol.

  1. The book has portrayed a character of a women in a very different light. Though at certain points it is true but do you think people will like reading that, especially the females? It’s extremely important to have a sense of humour. None of us are perfect. It doesn’t paint all women as clingy. Hence the word “MY” in the title. Nor does it say that none are. It’s a true to life depiction of some girls and their patterns and behaviours. And most women will be able to identify with some elements of Radha. It’s self-deprecating times as well. And most women who I’ve interacted with have actually loved the book and told me through their tweets and social interactions.

  1. Talking of femininity and sexuality, what’;s your take of Deepika Padukone’s vogue empower video? I feel it’s extremely important to talk about women empowerment. But the video loses its edge and reason. If I was the script writer or director I would have 1. Had a mix of languages that women across the country speak. 2. Got a mix of ordinary women with just a few celebs. 3. Taken everyday situations to depict how we need empowerment. In fact I’ve written about it in my personal blog www.madhuribanerjee.blogspot.in

  1. You have always open written about sexuality. What piques you to cover such a topic, which is often touted as un-sacred for women? I don’t feel talking about sexuality is un-sacred. In fact if you talk about it openly and can debate about it, it loses its taboo. Isn’t that empowerment?

  1. How much could you relate to Radha, the lead female character of your book? Very much. Bwahahah.

  1. Any real -life instance associated with the book? Lots. Most of them are real life. Ask the men after they read the book!

  1. How challenging, easy or difficult was it to put up a whole set of book from a men’s perspective? It was a challenge I put for myself when I pitched the story. Once it was approved by Westland, I could write it easily.

I usually write a book in 3-4 months’ time once I’ve got all my thoughts together. But to be able to write a book in less than a month just shows how much I was able to penetrate a man’s psyche, thoughts, laugh, drink, joke, like a man. I had a complete blast while writing it.

  1. Who are the authors you are influenced by, what about their work inspires you? As you grow as a writer and as a person your influences change. Once upon a time I loved Gerald Durrell. Then I adored Chitra Divakaruni Banerjee and also finished reading all of Jhumpa Lahiri’s books. No particular author influences me today. I’ve just finished reading Akhil Sharma’s Family Life and really enjoyed it. I’m planning to start my first Cheryl Strayed and will review that too. I love reviewing books, films and food places on my Twitter account @Madhuribanerjee. You’ll probably find my favourite authors, restaurants, films and philosophy there.

  1. Any plans for next book? I’ve finished writing Scandalous Housewives Delhi that should release later this year. It’s written like a film in book format and never been done before in Indian writing. It’s like a ready script that’s new, edgy and real.

  1. You also wrote Hate Story 2. What is next in your Bollywood card? How different it is writing for a movie and writing a book? What do you enjoy more and why? I love writing stories. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for TV, Films or books. After writing 7 novels, I’m just challenging myself to do more and better every year in every medium.

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